The TC20 automated cell counter with built-in auto-focus gives you highly accurate and reproducible mammalian cell counts in less than 30 seconds — without the need to dilute your sample. You can avoid the tedium of manually counting cells and move on to other important tasks.

Innovative auto-focus technology —
removes the variation associated with manual focusing and provides accurate, consistent, standardized cell counting within 30 seconds.
Digital image analysis algorithm —
automatically identifies cells and excludes debris; determines total cell count without dye, or cell viability with trypan blue.
Cell size gating —
enables users to choose a population of interest in complex samples, such as primary cells.
Cell conservation —
requires only 10 µl of suspended cells.
Easy archiving and export —
stores up to 100 counts in the onboard memory; allows export of results via a USB flash drive to further analyze images.
TC20 data analyzer software —
lets you compare multiple samples and prepare analysis reports on your PC.
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